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With the launch of a new website focusing on the Santa Barbara estates properties market, Montecito estates, Santa Barbara ocean front for sale, Santa Barbara view homes and customized Santa Barbara real estate searches for Santa Barbara estate buyers and sellers, a specialized market in the Santa Barbara area, now provides a single resource for the Santa Barbara estates properties market area. Those same customized Santa Barbara property searches appear to the left on this page and can be further customized to suit exactly what you’re looking for with the ability to save those searches, as well as create favorite property folders to track specific properties of interest. Further, special Santa Barbara property requests can be sent directly from here. All contact information is treated as confidential and is never shared with anyone and you will not be subjected to any other marketing contact.

Average sale price sold above $10,000 for 2007 was 20% higher than 2006. Sales volume of properties above $10 million for 2006 more than doubled that of 2005 which significantly surpassed that of 2004, even while other market segments softened. Year to date in 2008 for properties sold at $10 million and up for Montecito Estates appears in the chart below. Average sale price for this segment is up 18% and the median sale price is up 28% year to date. The affluent home buyers is not affected or alarmed by other market segment performances. The Santa Barbara estate market is still performing solidly.

Montecito estates sales data year to date for 2008

Working with a luxury home expert is a good strategy, but is not nearly enough for what this market segment fully requires. The mission at is to be the single resource for all things relating to estate properties, the embodiment of a service definition for luxury and estate, which is absolute kindness, superior expertise, and utmost skill and trustworthiness. We want our clients to feel they can call on us for anything. If we cannot directly fulfill their need, then we will find the best resource to do so, as one would for a best friend or family member. The customary, menu of service offerings from traditional brokerage firms is inadequate and what we endeavor to significantly exceed. Santa Barbara estates properties require and deserve this level of unmatched service. We are the Santa Barbara estate concierge service. Contact us directly here for your specific property requests. We’re here to help.

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