Santa Barbara estates for sale market shows continued bullish trend with multiple offer sales

This Santa Barbara 4 bedroom 3 bath home in Vintage Ranch, defines the Santa Barbara estates for sale market. In the Santa Barbara properties for sale market from $2 million up, the strength of home sales defy what has happened nationally. Monday, this property recently listed for sale recieved 4 offers and of course the property has now entered escrow. It was on the market for 4 days. With constant press of how soft the real estate market is and how cautious buyers are today, this Santa Barara property listed for sale for 4 days at $1,997,000 is now in a solid escrow and we are very certain its selling price will be over $2 million. And this is not an isolated case. There have been numerous reports of properties in the $2 million range recieving multiple offers and selling at or over asking price. We know first ahnd that this Montecito home for sale on Arcady Road recently sold with multiple offers.

 It is very interesting how jaded the press is to negative news. While this bullish activity inside the Santa Barbara real estate market is not the national norm, it is and indication of encouragement and hope for areas less fortunate. The "smart" money it would seem is actally buying. They are buying things percieved as good values in stronger markets but they are buying. We definitely feel this is a leading indication that the bottom of this market is in and the general public will not realize if until the press has had a couple of quarters to analyze the statictics which won’t  be reported until probably just in time for the presidential election. Being in the market place everyday we see are the first to see and report on this activity. Right now truely is the best time to buy.

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