Santa Barbara Area real estate appeal reflected in record ranch property sale

Demand for premier Santa Barbara estate properties is additionally fueled by high end investment managers.

Santa Barbara ranch property sale 

The recent record Santa Barbara ranch sales of the Coho and Jalama ranches, consisting of over 25,000 acres of pristine, relatively untouched, awe inspiring California coastline, just north of Santa Barbara for a reported $155 million, is indicative of an ongoing trend by investment managers choosing Santa Barbara real estate as a relaible hedge. The Bixby Company sold the property to Coastal Management Resources LLC, which is believed to be backed by Hedge Fund monies although not confirmed as of this writing.

In our 22 years in this business, never have we seen such a growing interest and demand for Santa Barbara premier luxury homes, initiated from hedge fund managers and participants. It almost seems like the hedge funds are hedging against their respective fund investments with high end luxury estates and premier trophy properties. With hedge funds now being scrutinized more closely by regulatory agencies and growing sentiment towards a pending market correction, this is not surprising. Santa Barbara luxury estates have performed exceptionally well historically from an investment persperspective. Specifically in the Montecito luxury real estate and Hope Ranch luxury real estate markets, where properties priced $5 million and up, for the Santa Barbara luxury real estate market, continue a robust appreciation. It seems to be a logical place for these investment managers to insert large sums of money for a reliable and relatively safe as well as robust return on investment. Let’s face it, what market has offered greater certainty and security than well located, desirable real estate holdings? And what is a more desirable locale than a premier Santa Barbara CA property? It’s a no brainer. In talking to many fund managers, it seems it takes a lot of stress out of their highly analytical decision making process. They seem to be willing to sacrifice some market liquidity for security of investment. It also offers them a greater diversity in leveraging opportunities, although large cash positions are quite common in most Santa Barbara luxury estate acquisitions.

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