Santa Barbara. $50 Million Montecito beach front property, The Miramar Hotel and resort sees yet another delay

 Premier Montecito beach front property resort and hotel is a Santa Barbara property jewel that has been mired again in bureaucratic red tape

Rick Caruso, the new owner and developer of the signature Montecito beach property Miramar Hotel says he’s redesigned the plan for the Santa Barbara beach front Miramar Beach Resort and going back to Santa Barbara County to submit it. Caruso said this would likely cause significant delays in the projected opening of his Montecito beach property resort and hotel, but will keep with his desire to present to the Montecito community a project he feels they will warmly welcome.

He is not the first to be engulfed in the bureaucratic quagmire that has surrounded this premier Montecito beach property, as 2 previous would-be developers have since passed on the project. Now it’s Caruso’s turn. It seem almost criminal that a local regulating body can have such overwhelming dictatorial control, which has caused this project to be stalled for 8 years, with further delays now on the table.


The Santa Barbara and Montecito communities deserve more responsible governing in property uses, instead of the Just-Say-No stance that has plagued the Santa Barbara area for years now. It’s truly to the point where the local land use officials have become a detriment to their own constituency, with local property rights dwindling away with each passing year.


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