Relocating to Montecito, Might Be Easier Than You Think


Ocean View Toward Montecito

Ocean View Toward Montecito

Relocating to Montecito might be easier than you think.  The Internet, smart phones, and a wide variety of apps alone make finding your way in a new city easier than ever.  Whether you are looking for a new favorite Montecito restaurant to go to, a Montecito movie theater near your new home, or Montecito entertainment for a Friday night, there is an app for that.

A few apps for getting around, locating a restaurant, and finding entertainment in Montecito include:

  • Cabulous is an app that can help you call a cab directly.
  • Cocktail Compass works for many cities, filling you in on the best drink deals in town.
  • Fandango will let you know what movies are playing where.
  • UrbanSpoon can help you locate a restaurant and reviews.
  • OpenTable to get you Montecito Reservations.

Moving to a new location such as Montecito, has never been easier, with countless information available at your fingertips.  Of course a REALTOR® can be an incredibly valuable asset when moving to a new city.  A REALTOR® not only has access to homes listed for sale but a slew of connections and community information as well. Click here to do a search of luxury homes for sale in Montecito.

Relocating is more, however, than adjusting to a new city.  Relocating also means organizing, packing up your belongings, and leaving a home, often a daunting task.  Click here to read “Moving Made Simple: Tips to Help You Relocate”, for some helpful tools on how to make the entire process easier and smoother. To do a custom search of available property for sale in Montecito and the surrounding Santa Barbara area go to