Montecito properties for sale, sold to date in 2008, show Cold Springs School District is a hot market

Montecito properties for sale, sold to date in 2008, show Cold Springs School District is on a hot pace compared to the rest of the Montecito real estate market which is up dramatically overall as well with an increase in median sale price of 30% over last year. The Montecito Cold Springs School District real estate median sale price is up a whopping 51% over last year at this time. Below is a chart of Montecito properties sold to date in 2008 in the Cold Spring School District of the Montecito CA real estate market place compared to last year. Admitted a small sampling but indicating an amazing trend. The Montecito real estate market overall year to date, and the Montecito Estates market, compared to last year, is up phenominally and continues to demonstrate stable market performance along with the rest of the Santa Barbara estates market.

 There are currently only 20 properties for sale in the Montecito Cold Springs School District, displayed below, with prices ranging from $1.350 to $11.5 million. For Montecito Cold Springs School district property information and exclusively offer homes, contact us directly here. Click here for the properties details page of those currently available. 

 Montecito Properties for sale in Cold Springs School districtMontecito Properties for sale in Cold Springs School district

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