Montecito properties and luxury Santa Barbara real estate sales continue robust activity

August 30 2007 – Santa Barbara high end homes and Montecito luxury property sales for the last few months remain strong and show no signs slowing down 

The sales activity in the ultra high end of the Santa Barbara real estate and Montecito properties market is shown in this weeks closed sales:
Clearly the luxury market continues to see a strong sale pace in the Santa Barbara luxury home market, and the Montecito property market above $3 million. Evidence of this can also be found in other high end markets around the country such as San Francisco CA, and the Redmond Washington area, as well as internationally in places like London and other select European cities.

Even with the recent sensationalized sub-prime mortgage hyperbole, higher end properties, particularly in the Santa Barbara property market, continue to chug along with sales to the likes of affluent business types, hedge fund participants and retiring baby boomers. What do they know that the others do not? Probably that they have seen this type of over reaction before and are unaffected by it, actually seeing this as a buying opportunity and taking advantage of it before the “regular” folk catch on, choosing to jump in while the rest are trying to get out. Hmmn!

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