Leadbetter Beach in Santa Barbara

One of Roxy’s favorite beaches in Santa Barbara is Leadbetter Beach. It is located just below Shoreline Park and next to the Santa Barbara

Roxy at Leadbetter Beach Santa Barbara

Harbor and Marina. Roxy enjoys walking there from Shoreline Park as she watches for seagulls to chase! So far she has yet to get close to catching one! Leadbetter Beach is popular with beginner surfers, kiteboarders,  windsurfers, and boogie boarders as the surf tends to be small and the winds are consistent. It is a great place to watch these water sport enthusiasts. The beach itself has an expansive sandy area and an adjacent grassy park with picnic tables and barbeques  –  a wonderful spot for parties and large gatherings. There is also a Santa Barbara oceanfront restaurant(Shoreline Cafe) for those who prefer to have someone else do the cooking. Shoreline Cafe is a great place to enjoy a sunset cocktail! There is patio dining as well as some tables set on the beach where you can sit with your toes in the sand! Dogs aren’t allowed in the restaurant but can be just outside the table area so Roxy stops here on occasion!

If you would like information about beach properties for sale in Santa Barbara you may search at www.SantaBarbaraRE.com. Roxy’s mom, Pat, is a Santa Barbara Realtor – you may reach her at 805-886-7426 if you would like more information about homes for sale in Santa Barbara.

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