165 Luxury homes anchored in Santa Barbara

Looking out past the Santa Barbara Harbor one can see The Worlda spectacular yacht comprised of  165 luxury homes or “floating homes” to be more exact! This yacht is currently anchored in Santa Barbara

Luxury Homes Anchored in Santa Barbara

The World: a private yacht of luxury residences as viewed from Shoreline Park in Santa Barbara, California

for 2 days. ResidenSea which is the management firm for “The World” calls it the largest privately owned residential yacht on Earth! Unfortunately, there will be no public tours for this unique vessel.  This is a ship of condominiums – with each home  individually owned. These at sea residences rival the luxury homes we have in Santa Barbara and Montecito, lushly appointed by French and Italian designers. The yacht is 650 feet long and has a staff of 260 personnel. It first set sail in 2002 and the luxury homes were sold out by June of 2006. Currently there are a few residences available for resale. 18 luxury residences sold in 2010 with 4 of them selling in excess of $5,000,000 according to an article in the Santa Barbara News-Press. The Santa Barbara News-Press  quoted the spokeswoman for The World  saying that the residents spend about 4 months per year average on board with a few staying on ship year round. It is wonderful to have this one-of-a-kind vessel in our area and to introduce Santa Barbara and Montecito to these residents of The World. Perhaps a few may want a luxury home on land in Montecito! We have the perfect Santa Barbara oceanfront estate for those times when one tires of being out at sea.

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